but my friends call me GERM

Mentally Diseased is a YouTube channel on Jehovah’s Witnesses. The sect refers to former members as “Mentally Diseased”, which I proudly take on as a moniker to tackle topics of doctrine, analyze their inner culture, and share insights based on my experience with them as an LGBTQ+ person.

The primary intent is to find humor in religious trauma, with the ultimate goal of moving on for good.

Seasons One & Two

un•cult•ured is a podcast for ex-evangelicals who grew up sheltered from pop culture and are emerging in the world feeling lost and behind. You just left a cult! You’re allowed to watch everything? Where do you begin, when everyone just assumes you know what they mean when they said, “Who you gonna call?!

We backtrack on things we missed, and talk about parallels where pop culture meets the cult experience. We talk about current happenings, and seek to help people leave their traumatic pasts behind to a bright new future of geeky goods.